Application of special-shaped magnets and related explanations


Shaped magnets are actually magnets designed for the ne […]

Shaped magnets are actually magnets designed for the needs of special products. Shapes are relative to standard magnets. Shaped magnets have become an irreplaceable material for promoting the development of high technology and the progress of contemporary civilization. Magnet manufacturers believe that the development prospects of shaped magnets are more optimistic.
The material of the special-shaped magnet is relatively brittle and the processing procedure is complicated. Main applications and industrial applications such as various machines, motors, wind turbines. In particular, the special-shaped machine electromagnetic tile is a kind of special-shaped magnet which is more common in daily production.
Advantages of special-shaped magnets: high cost performance and good mechanical properties. Widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology.
Shaped magnets need to be strictly in accordance with the dimensional standards of the drawing design during processing and production, so accurate measurement inspection is required after processing. The image measuring instrument can meet the measurement needs of various sizes of shaped magnets. In addition to the general length and width dimensions, the image measuring instrument can measure such as the flatness of the magnet, the multi-section arc of the shaped magnet, the radius of the magnet diameter, the R angle of the shaped magnet, the height of the magnet, the aperture of the shaped magnet, and the concentricity of the ring magnet. Multi-angle and multi-faceted to meet your measurement requirements for various sizes of special-shaped magnets. Of course, magnet measurement is not only measured by special-shaped magnets, such as connector magnet measurement, circular magnet measurement, square magnetic measurement, perforated magnet measurement, motor magnet measurement, etc., Haikesi can meet its routine measurement and high-speed batch inspection.