Briefly describe the difference between a powerful magnet and a normal magnet?


The strong magnet is generally constructed of neodymium […]

The strong magnet is generally constructed of neodymium iron boron, and the normal magnet is composed of ordinary ferrite material. Rare earth neodymium iron boron magnet is also called: strong magnet, electroplated magnet, magnetic steel, strong magnetic steel and so on. The powerful magnet is made of a rare metal that is unique to China and is made of other metal materials. Because it is very magnetic, it is called the magnetic king in the type of magnet.
Strong magnet performance: same-sex Y10 Y20 Y25 isotropic Y30; the opposite sex is better than the same-sex magnetic force, the hardness is stronger; the opposite sex can also be used as the reinforced Y30BH; therefore, the difference between the material and the structure, the effect between the two is not the same.
Strong magnet features: strong magnetic force, high performance, electroplating, (the most commonly used only galvanized magnet ZN, nickel-plated magnet NI; also some special requirements, such as gold plating, silver plating, plating multicolored, etc., we Yutong magnetic electromagnet manufacturers Can be customized according to demand) Fast shipping, convenient transportation, wide use is the most common kind of magnet in the market; mainly used in printing and packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, mining equipment, motors and other fields;
Ferrite: Its main raw material is ferric oxide. It is made of die-casting and has a relatively hard texture. It is a brittle material. Because ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance, they are also widely used in the market. Features: low price, high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidize, poor magnetic force, troublesome transportation, slow product shipment;