Detailed production process of NdFeB strong magnet


NdFeB magnets have been widely cited for their excellen […]

NdFeB magnets have been widely cited for their excellent magnetic energy and lower prices. Mainly used in electro-acoustic devices, components, instrument industry, automobile industry, nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic therapy and health care. It is very versatile.
NdFeB magnet is a strong magnetic material that does not demagnetize at room temperature, so it is also called a permanent magnet. Its main production process is as follows:
Ingredients-smelting formulation-milling-pressing-sintering + tempering-magnetic testing-grinding-cutting-plating-finished products.
There are 11 steps from raw materials to finished products. In fact, the details of the processing and production of magnets are not limited to these 11 production links. We start with a batch of rare earth alloys and pure iron materials, carry out corresponding inspection and weighing, Melting, pulverizing, pressing, sintering, and tempering a series of processes to produce the raw material, and then the processed cylindrical and square blanks are processed and produced. First of all, they must be polished. Why? The surface is very rough and uneven. Only sand glue is needed for good sanding. The glue step is very important. You need to stick the magnet blank to the asbestos board, and then stick the asbestos board to a fixture. Fix the fixture on the microtome and adjust it before you can start cutting.
Usually a cube magnet needs to be cut at least three times, that is, it needs to be glued three times, and after each cut, it needs to be boiled. After cutting a square magnet, it is necessary to chamfer. Because the cut corners of the magnet are very sharp, it is not conducive to electroplating and is not conducive to product safety. When the electroplating is completed, the product is magnetized, inspected, Packaging and shipment. Therefore, a small magnet seems to be very simple, but the production process is very troublesome. Some customers have orders to receive the goods. This is unreasonable. According to our magnet processing technology, a product also requires three times as soon as possible. It takes only a few days to complete the project. It also needs to ignore the cost and ignore all conditions to achieve this delivery period. The magnet seems simple, and its production and processing are relatively complicated.