Discussion on the installation method of the strong magnet


Foreword: There are so many products on the market that […]

Foreword: There are so many products on the market that need to install magnets. Such as TWS Bluetooth headset magnet, sports Bluetooth headset magnet, high-end packaging for the suction magnet, data line magnet, because there are many plastic parts and powerful magnets, many brand manufacturers and some assembly plants will encounter magnets when producing such products. Install this against the problem. When buying a magnet, the magnet manufacturer needs to distinguish the N-pole or S-pole polarity of the strong magnet to prevent the strong magnet from malfunctioning due to polarity. Therefore, the production cost of the magnet is increased and the production efficiency is lowered. Although this method can distinguish the polarity, it still cannot completely eliminate the opposite polarity.
Dongguan Fuqiang Magnetic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has designed a set of solutions based on the feedback from many guests for customers to use according to their actual situation.
Scheme: 1, principle: according to the powerful magnet "same sex repels, the opposite sex attracts".
2, N pole can only attract S pole, N pole and N pole repel, NdFeB magnet will bounce, or automatically flip to S pole, and suck with N pole
Advantages: 1, the magnet is 100% wrong, and the staff is foolproof.
2, to save the cost of strong magnets to do marking.
3. Prevent material waste caused by installing the wrong magnet.