How high is the strong magnet


How high the temperature of the powerful magnet is, tod […]

How high the temperature of the powerful magnet is, today the manufacturer of the powerful magnet-Prime tech magnet Co., Ltd. takes you to understand the maximum temperature that the powerful magnet can withstand.
The development process of powerful magnets, after half a century of baptism, has made a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of production technology or production method or the extraction of rare earth products. However, with the popularization and application of NdFeB strong magnets, some criminals have begun to engage in unfair competition through fraudulent concealment. Everyone knows that NdFeB strong magnets have many performance brands, that is to say, there are many NdFeB magnets. Different materials, of course, the prices of different materials are also different. At this stage, the market is flooding, and the quality of materials is constantly adulterated. There are so-called lower materials, such as N30 and N28 recycled materials. The magnetic properties of this material are very unstable and there are many impurities. Low-grade materials emerged from the superior materials, and vicious competition in terms of price directly led to the proliferation of NdFeB magnet market prices, which ultimately benefited the unfavorable, customer complaints and product problems came one after another, and compensation and merchandise finally became infamous. The maximum temperature resistance of NdFeB powerful magnets can only reach 180 degrees, of course, there are special materials that can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees. However, from the market point of view, materials that require a temperature resistance of 200 degrees are generally switched to samarium cobalt magnets, and the highest temperature resistance of samarium cobalt magnets can reach 350 degrees.

The ordinary strong magnet is counted from the lowest material. Normally, this material is the lowest in the neodymium iron boron magnet, that is to say, the product of the same specification has the magnetic performance
Ferromagnetic is the weakest, the maximum temperature resistance is only 80 degrees, and the maximum temperature can only reach about 70 degrees. When the temperature is close to 80 degrees, demagnetization begins to occur.