How to make your magnetic separator work longer


1. Check before operation: 1.1 Whether the discharge sc […]

1. Check before operation:

1.1 Whether the discharge scraper is in contact with the surface of the cylinder;

1.2 Whether the oil quantity in the bearing and reducer is appropriate;

1.3 Whether the bolts are loose or not;

1.4 The power supply has no faults;

1.5 There are objects in the tank that are not able to operate.

2. After checking normally, follow the instructions below:

2.1 Turn on the power to make the equipment run;

2.2 First, a small amount of ore is given, and after normal, the mine is fully loaded;

2.3 When the machine is shut down, stop the mine first, and drain the minerals and stop.

two. maintain

1. The surface of the drum is strictly prohibited from bumping and impacting. Always check the wear of the cylinder. When the outer tube skin wear depth exceeds 1 mm, it should be replaced in time.

2. Regularly clean the surface of the magnetic roller to absorb the iron chips that have not fallen off to reduce the wear. Excessive iron filings will cause great resistance and seriously affect the magnetic separation effect.

3. It is forbidden to contact ferromagnetic materials (more than 1 mm) close to the surface of the magnetic roller to avoid equipment damage. Larger irons may not be removed when they are attracted to the drum.

4. Always check the fixing screws of each part to avoid equipment failure caused by looseness.

5. Do not get close to the magnetic roller for magnetic components such as magnetic cards, mobile phones, watches, etc.