How to observe the magnetic field and identify the magnetic poles


In general, the magnetic field of a strong magnet is in […]

In general, the magnetic field of a strong magnet is invisible and intangible. This phenomenon also increases the mystery of the magnet and stimulates everyone's curiosity. If you want to visualize the abstract magnetic field and identify the magnetic poles, you can use a few simple auxiliary tools.
1. Magnetic induction demo board
There are vertical, horizontal, and three-dimensional varieties. Strip magnets and hoof magnets can be used to demonstrate the formation of surrounding magnetic lines and the formation of magnetic lines under different conditions of magnetic attraction or repulsion. It is also possible to demonstrate the formation of various spatial magnetic lines around the current magnetic field. Generally made of plexiglass, it is novel and beautiful, and the effect is obvious. It is intuitive and can be projected.
a, first shake the demo board gently so that the small needle pieces or holes in the holes are irregularly arranged, and then place the magnet on the demo board and tap the surface of the plate to make the small needle pieces or holes in the magnetic field Under the action, the magnetic induction lines appear obviously.
b. When used for current and magnetic field teaching, connect 6-9 pairs of power supplies. The irregularly arranged needles or small needles in the holes obviously show magnetic induction lines. If the current direction is changed, the same effect is obtained, and the conclusion is that a magnetic field exists around the conducting conductor.
2. Magnetic graphics card
It is also a simple device for detecting magnetic fields. This unique film suspends tiny nickel particles on a thin layer of viscous material, keeping it in line with the magnetic field. It shows the position of the magnet and the number of poles. Simply put the magnetic card on the magnet, and the magnetic poles will show a dark area. The light green area is the magnetic field. Magnetic graphics cards can help us determine the precise location of magnetic poles, the number of magnetic poles, and make it easier to find "hidden" magnetic fields.
3. Magnetic pole detector
Although magnetic viewer cards show the location of magnetic poles, they do not classify magnetic poles. If it is important to determine whether the north or south pole of the magnet is important, the tool used is a magnetic pole detector. Finding a pole with a magnetic pole detector is easy. Just take out the magnet you need to detect. Touch the top of the magnetic pole detector Tan Dou to the surface of the magnet, and the corresponding LED of S or N will light up. The S light is on for the S pole of the contacting magnet. On the other hand, it is the N pole of the magnet. With the popularization and popularization of scientific application equipment, magnetic graphics cards and magnetic pole detectors have become common tools for daily magnetic pole detection of technology lovers.