Magnet manufacturer: Does the magnet affect the mobile phone?


In this era of popularization of mobile phones, how to […]

In this era of popularization of mobile phones, how to love mobile phones and extend the life of mobile phones is also a skill. Magnet manufacturers today will analyze the impact of magnets on mobile phones.



Magnet manufacturers say that the influence of magnets on mobile phones is inevitable, and the influence of surface magnetic force exceeds a certain range. The current mobile phone market basically uses the internal magnetic isolation of the magnet for 200gs, and the better internal magnetic isolation of the mobile phone is better. The magnet manufacturer's analysis will affect the mobile phone (mobile phone interface magnetic bracket, more than 200gs part of the mobile phone). Even damaged. Now the mobile phone magnetic bracket market exceeds 2000gs, which is 10 times the standard value. Internal electromagnetic signals and magnetically contained mobile phones. This is the result of mobile phone interference. Iron gradually leads to misalignment and failures. Collect navigation, call quality, running freeze, data distortion, loss, or black, intermittent screen Huaping crash until the end of life . Magnet manufacturers said that the above phenomenon usually occurs within 1 to 4 months, and different situations will occur depending on the mobile phone.


This is also a professional testing agency, but identification requires at least a year to determine the impact of mobile phones. Only professional magnet manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers can use their instruments to measure specific values. This indicates that the magnetic support should be purchased with an iron sheet (that piece is connected to the phone, not at the back), and the magnetic force of the surface is below 200gs.