Magnetic materials are important basic functional materials


Magnetic materials are important basic functional mater […]

Magnetic materials are important basic functional materials in the electronics industry. They are widely used in industrial fields such as computers, electronic devices, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace, and household appliances such as children's toys. With the rapid development of the world economy and science and technology, The demand for magnetic materials will be unprecedented.
Magnetic materials play an important role in traditional and emerging fields such as electronics, computers, information and communication, medical, aerospace, automotive, wind power, environmental protection and energy conservation. Magnetic materials have become an irreplaceable material for promoting high-tech development and contemporary economic progress, and the development prospects are optimistic.
At present, the development of magnetic materials in China ranks first in the world. China has become the world's largest producer of permanent magnet materials. At present, China has become the center of the world's magnetic materials industry. The total output value of magnetic materials in China is about 26.5 billion yuan, the output value of permanent magnets is 6.2 billion yuan, and the average price is 15,000 yuan / ton. Based on this, the output value of ferrite raw materials is estimated to be about 1 billion yuan.
In recent years, due to the sharp increase in energy, raw materials, and labor costs, the cost has risen, and industry companies have generally shown a decline in profit. In the future, the key to the development of domestic magnetic materials enterprises is to further accelerate industrial upgrading and enhance product structure, so as to further increase the added value of products.
With the further warming of the global economy, the application of magnetic materials in emerging fields such as energy-saving motors, LCD TVs, 4G, wind power, digital products, Internet of Things and new energy vehicles will grow rapidly.