Method of detecting a magnet


Every product in the production process needs to be tes […]

Every product in the production process needs to be tested to see if it meets the design standards. Magnets are no exception.
First of all, in terms of surface treatment, we need to use a film thickness gauge to test the thickness of the plating layer of the magnet, so as to optimize the quality of the plating during the electroplating process. The second is the size. In this process, we need to use the micrometer and vernier caliper to control the tolerance within the specified range. Usually the tolerance of the magnet is plus or minus 0.05mm, of course, some customers will have more stringent requirements.
Next is the magnetic test. The magnetic force can be tested by a Gauss meter and a fluxmeter. The Gauss meter is primarily a measure of the magnetic force on the surface of a magnet. The fluxmeter is more standardized than the Gauss meter. The fluxmeter measures the magnetic flux of the magnetic field of the magnet on the curved surface area.