Principle of rickets and health care of NdFeB


The difference in mineral content in the water, due to […]

The difference in mineral content in the water, due to the difference in geographical environment.
Harmful substances in the water have greatly affected my life and health.
Calcium and magnesium salts in water are poorly soluble, affecting the absorption and photosynthesis of animals and plants.
A large number of practical and scientific experiments have proved that the high-strength magnetization of NdFeB in "Wokai" can change the physical properties of water such as surface tension, density and solubility.
It has a major impact on the chemical properties of acids and bases. Magnetized water can increase the activity of enzymes in the water and the permeability of biofilms.
Regulate the body's microcirculatory system, digestive system, endocrine system and nerve function, improve human immunity, prevent and treat various diseases.
After high-magnetization of water, water molecules are activated, and the oxygen content is high?
Regular drinking can increase the permeability of biofilm, reduce blood viscosity, adhere to blood vessel elasticity, prevent thrombosis, prevent and resolve stones;
Regular drinking can strengthen the body, improve the body's immunity, anti-aging, prevent and treat a variety of diseases, accelerate and promote the metabolism of the human epidermis, often make your skin smooth, delicate and beautiful.