Prospects for the magnetic materials industry(2)


Third, in the automotive industry, the global annual pr […]

Third, in the automotive industry, the global annual production of automobiles is about 55 million. According to the calculation of 41 ferrite permanent magnet motors per vehicle, the automotive industry needs about 2.255 billion motors per year. In addition, the global demand for automotive speakers is also in the hundreds of millions. In short, the automotive industry needs to consume a lot of magnetic materials every year.
Fourth, in the lighting equipment, color TV, electric bicycles, vacuum cleaners, electric toys, electric kitchen appliances and other industries, the demand for magnetic materials is also very large. For example, in the lighting industry, the output of LED lamps is large, and it requires a large amount of ferrite soft magnetic material. In short, every year, there are tens of billions of electronic and electrical products in the world that need to use magnetic materials. In many fields, even core magnetic devices with high technical content are needed.
In short, magnetic materials can cover a large number of electronic and electrical products, and it is one of the foundation and backbone industrial sectors of the material industry. With the rapid rise of China's electronics and electrical industries, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of magnetic materials. In the near future, more than half of the world's magnetic materials will be used to supply the Chinese market. Many high-tech magnetic materials and components will also be produced and purchased mainly by Chinese companies. Magnetic materials will also become one of the pillar industries in China's national economy.