Special function magnetic material


Special function magnetic material (1) Magnetoelastic m […]

Special function magnetic material
(1) Magnetoelastic material. The shape of the magnetic material changes under the action of a magnetic field, and the specific expression may be elongation or shortening in length, expansion and contraction in volume.
(2) Magnetoresistive materials. The electrical resistance of this magnetic material changes under the action of a magnetic field.
(3) Magnetic refrigeration materials. Magnetic refrigeration is a kind of refrigeration technology using magnetic materials as the working medium. The basic principle is to use the magneto caloric effect of the magnetic refrigeration material, that is, the magnetic refrigeration material emits heat to the outside when isothermal magnetization, and absorbs heat from the outside when isothermal demagnetization. In order to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The advantage of this material is environmental friendliness, no environmental pollution and damage; high efficiency and energy saving, Carnot cycle efficiency can reach 60~70%; stable and reliable.
(4) Magnetic fluid. Also known as magnetic liquid or iron fluid. It is a liquid magnetic material that is sensitive to magnetic fields and can flow. It is a method in which ferromagnetic fine particles (<10 nm) incorporated into a carrier liquid are uniformly dispersed with a dispersing agent to form a fluidized suspended colloidal liquid. This liquid has the property of being attracted to the magnet under the action of normal centrifugal force and magnetic field, that is, without sedimentation and agglomeration. The magnetic fluid produced by nano metal and alloy powder has excellent performance and can be widely used in the fields of sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound adjustment, light display and the like.