What are the factors that affect the price of magnets?


1. That is to say, the increase in the raw materials of […]

1. That is to say, the increase in the raw materials of magnets requires higher performance of magnets and higher costs. For example, for NdFeB magnets, the price of N45 is much higher than that of N35.
2. The more complicated the processing cost, the higher the processing cost; the higher the tolerance, the higher the processing cost; the smaller the batch, the higher the processing cost.
In recent years, the price of magnet raw materials has been increasing. One of the reasons is that the state ’s policies have failed to keep up with the market ’s development needs, which has unbalanced the market ’s development and allowed speculators to speculate. In order to adjust the magnet market, the state has proposed a new policy of "National Twenty-Two". Local governments actively responded and implemented. Therefore, the new policy supports the maintenance of magnet prices. The second is the introduction of new energy, energy-saving markets and new energy-saving vehicles. The invention and introduction of new energy vehicles have brought a huge impact to the automobile industry. Therefore, technological innovation also greatly affects the magnet market.

How to calculate the price of magnets?
Because the price of raw materials fluctuates every day, it is necessary to make a comprehensive calculation based on the price of raw materials, processing costs, management fees, and packaging costs. Therefore, it is difficult to give a price without corresponding specifications and specific requirements.