What are the objects that magnets can attract?


As we all know, a magnet is a kind of thing that can ab […]

As we all know, a magnet is a kind of thing that can absorb iron substances, such as iron nails, iron keys, iron scraps, etc. So in addition to these objects with obvious iron components, what other objects can be attracted to iron?
Magnet attracts key

Then we must first analyze the composition of the magnet. The composition of the magnet is iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms. The internal structure of the atom is special, and it has a magnetic moment.

Therefore, the magnet can generate a magnetic field, but only a small part of the metal can be attracted by the magnet, such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other magnetophilic metals.

Most other metals will not be attracted, such as: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, tin, lead, titanium, etc.

Of course, in addition to attracting metals, there are some objects that have diamagnetic and paramagnetic properties.
Magnetic field of magnet

Diamagnetism: Diamagnetism is a type of substance that, when exposed to an external magnetic field, is a magnetic phenomenon that produces a weak repulsion of the magnetic field.

Paramagnetic: Paramagnetic refers to the magnetic state of a material. Some materials can be affected by an external magnetic field, producing characteristics that refer to magnetization vectors in the same direction. Such a substance has a positive magnetic susceptibility. The phenomenon opposite to paramagnetism is called diamagnetism.

Ferromagnetic: Ferromagnetic refers to the magnetic state of a material, with spontaneous magnetization.
Ancient compass

In addition to attracting iron to achieve the effect of removing iron, magnets are also used in many fields, such as: compasses, attracting small and small objects, electromagnets can be used as electromagnetic relays, motors, generators, electroacoustics, magnetic therapy, Magnetic levitation, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.