What is a magnet


The magnet bar is no stranger to everyone, and it can b […]

The magnet bar is no stranger to everyone, and it can be used in many places in life, but if you really let you explain the concept of the magnet bar, many people may not be able to answer it. Today I will explain to you the concept of the magnetic bar.
The magnet bar manufacturer explained that the magnet bar is composed of inner and outer core parts, including the magnetic core and the cylindrical magnet and the guide magnet. A good bar should achieve the spatial distribution of the magnetic induction line. The maximum magnetic induction intensity distribution should use magnets as much as possible, because the product is usually placed on the transmission line to move, the surface of the magnet should be smooth, the resistance is small, no harmful substances to the environment, to avoid pollution And environmental materials.
The magnetic rod manufacturer informs that the working environment of the magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and in some cases requires a strong magnetic induction intensity. The magnetic induction of different thickness can be obtained by using magnetic fields of different thickness. Choosing different bar magnets can determine the maximum magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance. Generally, the magnetic induction strength of the surface of the NdFeB magnet should be more than 12000 Gauss. The diameter is larger than that of the conventional rod 1 inch N40 model. Magnets with high temperature resistant rods at temperatures above 150 degrees are generally selected. However, the large-diameter bar does not choose the price of samarium cobalt and cobalt, after all, it is very high, and the price of 50×500 bar diameter reaches tens of thousands of yuan.

The magnetic induction strength and adsorption energy of the magnets of the magnet bar manufacturers are the smallest particles proportional to the iron impurities in the battery. Small pharmaceuticals and other fields will also have a great impact, so choose 12000 bar around the Gaussian. Other areas can be selected at lower levels.
There will be a certain irreversible loss of energy inside the fluid during the process of contacting the rod, which is 30% less than the initial strength or the surface of the iron. When the stainless steel tube is worn and broken, the magnet needs to be replaced to prevent the magnetic flux leakage magnet from being brittle and coated on the surface. Oil causes pollution to the environment. Magnetic bar manufacturers can generally work under heavy load for 1-2 years, 7-8 years under light load.