Why are watches afraid of magnets?


This type of problem is mainly caused by mechanical wat […]

This type of problem is mainly caused by mechanical watches or quartz watches. Due to the different internal structure of the LCD screen watch, generally it will not malfunction due to the magnet.
   Many mechanical watch movements are made of steel. If the watch is placed near a magnet, the steel movement will become magnetized and have its own magnetic field. Because the parts in the watch are very small, a little external force will be disturbed. Therefore, the newly generated magnetic field can easily cause deviations in the operation of the internal parts of the watch and make the hands go wrong.
   In addition, there is a coil in the quartz watch that is wound many times. When the magnet is close, it will cause abnormal electronic originals and affect the rotation of the pointer.
   Someone has done experiments. Generally, there are magnetic appliances. When the watch is more than 10 cm away from it, it will not be affected by its magnetic field. In case the watch is magnetized, don't worry too much, you can send it to the watch store and let the maintenance staff help to demagnetize, and the watch will return to normal.

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