Why is the magnet magnetic?


The iron absorption of the neodymium iron boron magnet […]

The iron absorption of the neodymium iron boron magnet is determined by the characteristics of the magnet. If the atomic current is interpreted, the magnetic field generated by the current magnetizes another object. The magnetized object generates an electric field. The electric field interacts to generate a force.
Matter is mostly composed of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are composed of nuclei and electrons. Inside the atom, the electrons keep spinning and rotate around the nucleus. Both of these movements of electrons produce magnetism. However, in most substances, the direction of electron movement is different and disordered, and the magnetic effects cancel each other out. Therefore, most substances do not exhibit magnetism under normal conditions.
Ferromagnetic substances such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite are different. The internal electron spins can be spontaneously arranged in a small range to form a spontaneous magnetization zone. This spontaneous magnetization zone is called a magnetic domain. After the ferromagnetic substance is magnetized, the internal magnetic domains are neatly arranged and aligned in the same direction to strengthen the magnetic force, and the magnet is formed. The magnet absorption process of the magnet is the magnetization process of the iron block. The magnetized iron block and the magnet are attracted to each other in different polarities, and the iron block is firmly adhered to the magnet. We said that the magnet is magnetic.