How do strong magnetic manufacturers make strong magnetic iron absorbers


Strong magnetic manufacturers use permanent magnet iron […]

Strong magnetic manufacturers use permanent magnet iron knives to remove iron particles mixed with oil, water or sand in many industrial fields. Permanent magnet materials are several kinds of material powders, mixed in a certain proportion in a certain proportion, and synthesized with magnetic powder after sintering. The magnetic material that directly absorbs iron has lower strength than metal, is easily broken, has a rough surface, and is unclear after iron absorption. These shortcomings of strong magnetic manufacturers limit the application in certain occasions, such as the lubricating oil for hydraulic transmission control mechanisms and high-speed rotating machinery. Lubricating oil is very strict, even if there are hard particles a few microns on it, it is not allowed. Yes, in these occasions, it is not easy to remove the magnetic powder material directly by synthetic oil in the iron particles. The strong magnetic manufacturer thinks that the magnetic material is afraid of being broken, but the oil pollution caused by the iron is not easy to adhere to the rough surface. It was found to be difficult to clean.


The purpose of the utility model of the strong magnetic manufacturer is to overcome the shortcomings of using iron permanent magnets for direct absorption, and design a new type based on permanent magnets, so it not only has the strength of the magnetic field, but also the pollution caused by the use of NO adsorption iron is easy to clean. It has the advantages of simple structure and firmness, easy to manufacture, easy to use and easy to carry. It can also be assembled into various iron suction devices as required to meet the needs of different occasions.